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Bachelor's Special

Bachelor's Special (Entangled Indulgence) - Christine Warner

This was, overall, a fun romance to read.


Jill and Chet meet and have an instant connection. Sparks fly and kissing among total strangers occurs.


It costs Jill her job.


A year later, they meet again on a “blind date” – except Jill knows who he is going into it. Chet figures out who she is pretty quickly.


The same chemistry as before hits them and… through circumstances, Jill agrees to live with Chet for 8 weeks as his live in chef and personal caterer.


I found myself drawing parallels between this book and Runaway Groom by Sally Clements. Both are essentially stories where the main characters end up living together instantly and cultivating a relationship with one another.


But this one had some very  funny one-liners.


It was frustrating, though, to watch them tip-toe around one another. They had great sex and then – whoops! Can’t talk to each other! Oh, Jill wants a baby? One day in the future? Nope! Can’t talk anymore! These two lived together but it was like pulling teeth to get them to talk. Or do anything really, except kiss. I just wanted to shake them!


In the end, it was a fun, entertaining, light romantic read. And it gets bonus points because it will make you laugh.

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