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The Bookstore

The Bookstore - Deborah Meyler

This book was not at all what I was expecting. I was expecting some sort of chick lit or romance novel. Instead, I got a kind of heavy literary fiction novel that broke my heart.


And I loved every page of it.


I don't often read real fiction. Yes, I understand that was an oxymoron - but typically I read fiction of the paranormal variety. Supernatural or mystical books that have no basis in reality.


The Bookstore was real. Esme's story was harsh and breathtaking and beautiful.


Her boyfriend Mitchell was the douche-baggiest of assholes (don't worry, though, I promise).


And The Owl? I wish it really existed! I would live there forever.This story really had no beginning and no end. It was a snapshot of a period of time in Esme's life.


And it was... beautiful.

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