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Character Interview: Sadie Matthau from The Survivors Series by Amanda Havard

I recently had the amazing fortune to interview and chat with Sadie Matthau.


If you’re not familiar with Sadie, she’s the main character of The Survivors Series written by Amanda Havard. When I read the books (there are three out so far), I found myself so drawn to her that for the first time I wanted to do an interview with a character. I wanted to know more about her, to understand how she thinks, and why she made the choices that she did.


I approached Amanda on Twitter to find out if the interview would be possible, and it was! I sent my questions over for Sadie to answer, and Sadie surprised me by suggesting a chat instead – so that we could interact and have a dialogue. All that chatty goodness is posted below for your reading pleasure. Sadie was delightful to speak to and much more approachable than I expected – though I was SO NERVOUS to talk to her. I hope that you guys enjoy reading it – and learning more about Sadie – as much as I enjoyed talking to her!


Please, click through to read the chat/interview!

Source: http://www.mandikayereads.com/character-interview-sadie-matthau-survivors-series-amanda-havard