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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth

Now that I've gotten the hang of ratings, I don't often hand out a 5. Most books I read are 4's or 3's. Insurgent, however, deserves a rating beyond a 5.


I didn't review Divergent on the blog because I listened to the audiobook last year before I was really actively reviewing. Had I done so, it would have (of course) gotten a 5 as well.


But that's really where the comparison has to stop for me. One was an audiobook and one was a hardcover - two completely different reading experiences. And the way you experience a book affects the way you review it.


Reading Insurgent was incredible. I was so involved in the story that my heart rate shot up several times, even though I was simply sitting in bed reading. I often had very audible reactions to what I was reading. And I very nearly pulled my hair out several times.


Tris and Tobias.


What a lovely couple they make. A lovely, brave, amazing, stupid couple. One of my biggest pet peeves in YA literature is all of the secret-keeping between the characters. And this one was no exception. If only Tris and Tobias had talked to each other about what they were actually thinking and feeling... well things probably wouldn't have changed - but the way they felt when they experienced it would have.


But truly, when I think about it... this book was so damned realistic! There are no flat characters. It didn't feel like I was reading a script - it was definitely not predictable. There were ups and downs and truths and lies and so many layers of emotion that it was quite unlike anything I can remember reading.


This series is, in my opinion, the very best dystopian series currently on the market. As of the end of Insurgent, the dystopian society itself is becoming a character - and one I am looking forward to learning more about in the next book.