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Louisa May Alcott may as well have been writing about me when she wrote "She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain!" But I am a staunch believer that there is no such thing.

Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver Reviewed at http://www.mandikayereads.com/archives/743I was really excited about reading this because I *loved* Delirium. But I honestly had a hard time getting through this one, and it was so disappointing. Re-living the same day seven times was a little excessive. I wanted to put it down, but I soldiered through.The ending brought tears to my eyes, so I am glad I finished it. But the nice ending wasn’t enough for me to really enjoy the book.Sam managed to learn a lot of lessons throughout the book – about life, love, and happiness. Her character development is pretty amazing – but the other characters fall flat in comparison. And frankly, I disliked all of them for most of the book. Sam’s clique was the popular crowd – and they were mean to those who were less popular. Yes, by the end of the book Sam learns how terrible that is – but it doesn’t change the things she and her friends did – the things her friends will continue to do.It’s just really hard for me to like a book when I dislike the characters.