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Louisa May Alcott may as well have been writing about me when she wrote "She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain!" But I am a staunch believer that there is no such thing.

Shadows on the Moon - Zoë Marriott Reviewed at http://www.mandikayereads.com/archives/748I really had no idea what to expect from this book when I requested it from NetGalley – all I really knew was that it was a re-telling of Cinderella, but I’m so glad I did! The publisher’s summary does not do the book justice.Suzume has been through a lot in her lifetime – at fourteen, she witnessed the murder of her father and cousin at the hands of the royal guard, narrowly escaping with her own life. Her mother quickly remarries and her stepfather is willing to risk Suzume’s life if it will gain him a profit. At every turn, it seems that something goes wrong in her life – until she meets Akira and Otieno.I don’t want to give anything away, but let me just say that Suzume is a beautiful young women with a strength of character that I truly admire. The paranormal/fantasy aspects of the story were also fascinating to me – I would love to have the ability to create such illusions.The only thing I wish had been expanded on was the notion that Suzume was special with her gift and that it had manifested itself in ways that the world hadn’t seen in generations. It was touched on, but never fully explored. If we had seen more of that story, the book would have felt complete to me.