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Louisa May Alcott may as well have been writing about me when she wrote "She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain!" But I am a staunch believer that there is no such thing.

The Book of Blood and Shadow - Robin Wasserman Reviewed at http://www.mandikayereads.com/archives/1380The Book of Blood and Shadow is one part DaVinci Code and one part National Treasure with a teensy bit of A Discovery of Witches thrown in. In other words – I LOVED IT.This was my first book by Robin Wasserman, but it most definitely will not be my last.I found myself completely caught up in Nora’s translation of Elizabeth’s letters – I wanted to know this woman and know her secrets. I wanted to know why Nora was important to not one, but two, secret societies.I don’t want to give away any of these secrets – they are yours to find for yourself.The characters all found places in my heart – which really sucked, to be honest, because you never really knew who you could trust.Bottom line – you should really read this book.