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Louisa May Alcott may as well have been writing about me when she wrote "She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain!" But I am a staunch believer that there is no such thing.

Dime Store Magic - Kelley Armstrong Reviewed at http://www.mandikayereads.com/archives/1913Gah! Paige! Why are you SO DAMNED STUBBORN?! Your damned ego just keeps getting in your way.Erm, hi! So yeah... that's what I was thinking about for the entire first half of this book.The other half was Yay! It's Paige and Lucas! I lurve Paige and Lucas!With a few moments of oh em gee Savannah, stop being such a brat! But I was thirteen once, so I get it. Really, I do.Armstrong writes her characters so damn realistically. I love it! This was the first book I ever read by Kelley Armstrong. I didn't realize it wasn't the first book in the series- how that happened, I have no idea. Apparently I neglected to look inside the book jacket to see the series book order. But she weaves the story in such a way that if you missed the first two books, it's okay. There's enough backstory to fill in the details that are necessary, but for the most part it's a brand new story that stands on its own.That's what makes this series so awesome. It never gets old or boring because the characters are all old friends but the series isn't one endless story arc.Now, off to read the next one! (I wish... I'll have to wait til next month)