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Louisa May Alcott may as well have been writing about me when she wrote "She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain!" But I am a staunch believer that there is no such thing.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Reviewed at http://www.mandikayereads.com/archives/2054 (6/11/12)Holy wow.This book was nothing like what I expected. I expected a typical murder mystery, and this novel far exceeded my expectations.It is thrilling. It is disturbing. It is insane. It is dark and twisted. It is awesome.I will rave about this book for years to come.The best part? It kept me guessing. There was nothing predictable about this story and that will always always make me rave about a story.The first part of the novel is told through alternating perspectives - those of Nick in real time and then Amy's diary entries from the past 7 years. The rest of the book is also told from alternate POVs, but to reveal any more than that would be a huge spoiler - so I won't. Suffice it to say, the big twist of the story happens after the first third of the book - a nice change from those big plot twists that happen at the end of stories.Bottom line: read this book, especially if you like a psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes. And remember - what you think you know is rarely the truth of the matter.